ShipHawk WMS
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ShipHawk WMS is a best-in-class warehouse management solution built to adapt and scale with companies. The videos below are a preview of the top warehouse automations offered by ShipHawk WMS given by Solution Consulting Manager, Jack Starr.

ShipHawk WMS Overview

ShipHawk offers a highly scalable WMS that embraces best-in-class practices of tier 1 solutions, but is deployed as an easy-to-use solution specifically designed to address the fast-paced needs of scaling companies. Gain a high-level understanding of ShipHawk WMS key features and functionality, see actual customer results, and key value drivers and differentiators that set ShipHawk apart from the competition.

Reduce Manual Decisions with System Directed Putaway

System Directed Putaway speeds up receiving and allows all employees to put products in the optimum location every time. Proper placement of inventory can reduce travel time and the amount of staff needed to accomplish the same or more tasks, and increase space utilization. By taking tribal knowledge off the warehouse floor and into a shared system, new employees or seasonal staff will be set up for success.

Reduce Warehouse Travel with Batching & Picking Optimization

Orders are grouped based on their profiles (size and composition), location in the warehouse, packing and shipping requirements, and much more in order to maximize efficiency during the picking and packing process. Batching insightfully groups orders together into different workflows to minimize travel, minimize handling, and maximize fulfillment accuracy during the pick process. Warehouse workers can navigate directly to desired items without making multiple trips and walking through the full pick line. In addition, learn about the 6 different picking methods ShipHawk WMS offers: Batch, Super Batch, Cluster, Wave, Consolidation and Order picking.

Increase Accuracy with Cycle Counting

ShipHawk WMS cycle counting functionality is a game changer. Cycle Counting removes or transfers a unit from inventory the moment it is picked from a bin, ensuring cycle counting is accurate at the bin level, as well as in your ERP, even before it has shipped. Live counting inventory in a bin will always reconcile with your system during live operations to prevent short and long-term discrepancies.

Scale Operations with EDI Order Processing

ShipHawk WMS removes the need for manual data entry when processing large orders from big retailers and guarantees compliance with EDI labeling and cartonization. ShipHawk can mass generate and print SSCC labels, pull all of the shipping information and push fulfillment details back to your ERP. Palletizing orders can also be completed with just a couple extra clicks.

Automate Exception Handling for Maximum Productivity

ShipHawk WMS provides real-time insights to resolve exceptions and avoid short and long-term discrepancies. Gain visibility into all the items you have, where they are allocated, and what you need to process an exception and manage customer expectations. This preview will show you the process from beginning to end of a resolved exception with only a few clicks.

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