ShipHawk Features in a Flash

ShipHawk is dedicated to helping improve and automate the world behind the buy button™, empowering operations to efficiently and effectively fulfill orders. As companies grow, fulfillment steps don’t change, but the level of complexity and decision-making escalates to meet buyer expectations for cost, speed and perfection. Get a sneak peak at ShipHawk's four most critical workflows in automating your fulfillment processes in 5 minutes or less.

Accurate Rating Within the Shopping Cart

ShipHawk allows you to determine the best rate that meets your customers needs while considering variables such as origin, destination, and items within the cart. Easily minimize the amount of void space, packing materials used, and number of individual shipments to prevent overpaying carriers and provide a consistent shipping experience every time.

Custom Business Rules for Rating & Shipping

There are two aspects in which custom business rules can be applied to meet your needs- rating rules and shipping policies. Rating rules affect how rates are displayed to external systems such as shopping carts and ERPs and shipping policies affect how you make decisions at the time of fulfillment. Any administrator can create custom rules without support from IT.

Robust Reporting for Maximum Efficiency

ShipHawk’s reporting functionality provides deep data visualizations on shipments, cost per orders, packages, API usage, user performance, top carriers and more. We also offer customized reporting and can create reports for individual use so you can make data-driven decisions for maximum efficiency.

Automate Fulfillment with Smart PackingTM

ShipHawk Smart Packing™, or cartonization functionality, brings reliability to both the shopping cart level and pick, pack and ship stations. ShipHawk selects the right box or pallet for every order, calculates final packed weights and dimensions, and accurately determines packing and shipping rates in real-time to ensure you’re paying the carrier the best price for your shipment.

Automated Shipping with One Solution

ShipHawk connects to the systems you’re already using, like your shopping cart, ERP, or WMS, to display accurate rates, apply shipping rules or business logic and write information back to your ERP in real-time. With a seamless integration, updates are automatically applied to fulfillment records for visibility into what an order actually cost to ship, what carrier was used, what items were shipped, and more.

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